Giovanni Sorana


- Pianist
- Accomplished musician
- Engaging, patient, encouraging and passionate - Energetic & dynamic
- Sense of humour but serious
- Management & coordination skills

- 18 years
- Methodology: Orff & Suzuki
- Technique: Animation, Theatre-Dance & Art Poor
- InTheoria: a summary of music theory for students
- 900 Questions & 6 Arguments: a board game ideal for children and adults

- Diverse student population
- Motivating & inspiring

- Solo and Orchestra
- Chamber Music
- Repertoire: Baroque through Contemporary
- Performances: Italy, France, Russia, India & United States

- Music platforms & score writing softwares
- Music Theory Course, ongoing development
- Sites, blogs & web pages
- MacOS & iOS, Windows & Office

1988 License in Music Theory, Conservatory of Fermo, Italy Triennium of Music Theory
1992 License in Complementary Harmony, Conservatory of Perugia, Italy Biennium in Complementary Harmony
1994 License in Music History, Conservatory of Perugia, Italy Biennium in Music History
1996 Master of Arts, Conservatory of Fermo, Italy Piano Performance
2003 European Certification, Music Institute of Ancona, Italy Pedagogical Music
2013 High School Diploma, Aleandri College of Macerata, Italy Community Management
2016 IB Certificate, Making the PYP Happen, Cat. 1, Xi'an, China

1984 Vacation in Music, Ussita, Italy, Piano Performance, Prof. Franco Fabiani.
1987 Masterclass, Conservatory of Fermo, Italy, Piano Performance, Prof. Bruno Canino
1987 International Competition Mascia Masin, Sangemini, Italy, 1st place
1988 National Competition Pianists of Italy Cup, Osimo, Italy, 2nd place
1988 Musical Seminars Liviabella, Macerata, Italy, Piano Performance Prof. Lucia Passaglia
1991 International Music Course, Norcia, Italy, Piano Performance, Prof. Franco Fabiani
1998 Liturgical Music Course, Frascati, Italy, Liturgical Music, Choir Direction, Vocality & Choir
2007 Vocality Masterclass, Conservatory of Rome, Italy, Lieder Music, Piano Accompaniment
2008 Masterclass, Arts Academy, Rome, Italy, Piano Performance, Prof. Roberto Cappello
2009 Masterclass, Arts Academy, Rome, Italy, Piano Accompaniment, Prof. Fausto Di Cesare
2016 Workshop, Hanova International School, Xi'an, China, PYP Inquiry and additional language teacher, Cat.3

2015 Head Of Music, Hanova International School, Xi'an, China
PYP and MYP Music Teacher

2015 Piano Lecturer, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopa
Piano, Choir, Harmony and Orchestra 

2014 Music Teacher, The British School Al-Rehab, Cairo, Egypt
KS2 Music Teacher

2013 Piano Teacher, Kodaikanal International School, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
IB and MYP Piano Teacher

2013 Visiting Artist, New York Composers Circle, New York City, USA
Performance & Conference, Contemporary Music

2013 Visiting Artist, State University New York, Oneonta College, Oneonta, New York, USA Masterclass and workshop about contemporary piano techniques

2013 Visiting Artist, Elmhurst College, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Workshop, Bach for Music History, Bach for Music Theory & Composition

2013 Visiting Artist, Bergen Community College, Paramus, New Jersey, USA

2012 Official Pianist, International Arts Educator Forum, Città di Castello, Italy Pianist & Piano Accompaniment for students

2012 Music Teacher, Communal Music School, Montefano, Italy
Choir Conductor, Pedagogical & General Music

2011 Visiting Artist, College of Music, Perm, Russia, Workshop

2011 Visiting Artist, P. I. Tchaikovski Conservatory, Moscow, Russia Composition Workshop

2010 Jury Member, Zangarelli Music Competion, Città di Castello, Italy

2009/10 Piano & Music Theory Teacher, Clivis Academy, Rome, Italy

2007/10 Piano & Music Theory Teacher, La Bottega Della Musica, Rome, Italy

2007 Piano, Music Theory, General Music & Chamber Music Teacher, September Music current Courses, Visso, Italy

2005/10 Piano Accompanist, Arts Academy Foundation, Rome, Italy

2003/07 Piano Accompanist, International Music Courses, Norcia, Italy

2003/04 Choir Conductor, Pedagogical Music, General Music Teacher, Show Coordinator
- Collodi Primary School, Ancona, Italy
- Elia Primary School, Ancona, Italy

2001/03 Choir Conductor, Pedagogical Music, General Music, Show Coordinator
- Marco Polo Primary School, Fabriano, Italy
- Giuseppe Mazzini Primary School, Fabriano, Italy
- Marischio Primary School, Fabriano, Italy

1998/01 Choir Conductor, Santa Maria Music Association, Visso, Italy Choir Conductor, General Music Teacher, School Director

1999/00 Music Composer, Pietro Capuzi Primary School, Visso, Italy Christmas Show Composition


2013 Workshop by Mr. Bernard Wacheaux, Violin Professor of the Conservatory of Lille, France, & Conductor of the Madras Chamber Orchestra of Chennai
Concert for students with Mr. Bernard Wacheaux
Internship with the Conservatory of Adria, Italy
KIS, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

2012 CD Recording Unedited Piano Works by Franceso Paolo Antonelli, Studio '900, Rome, Italy

2012 CD Recording, Contemporary Music by European and American Composers CD Recording, Cycles of the Moon, A.Kalus, Naxos Record
International Composers and Interactive Artists, New York, USA
University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy

2008/11 Co-Founder, Manager & Artistic Director, Concert Season in Vallicelliana Library Presto con Fuoco Music Association, Rome, Italy

2000 Founder, Manager & Artistic Director, Poliphonica Festival Concert Season current Artistic Director & Manager, September Music Courses
Artistic Director & Jury Member, Poliphonica Competition Involvement of 10 Towns, Non-Profit Institutions & Sponsors Coordinator, Fundraisings for Africa, Europe & Asia Poliphonica Festival Music Association, Visso, Italy

1998/01 Artistic Director, Luna Luna Là & The Battle For The Lost Plan Musical Director, Music Composition, Dramatization Coordinator, Music School Director
Santa Maria Choir Music Association, Visso, Italy

1997 CD Recording, Mnemosyne
Music Composition & CD Producer Ecate Theater Company, Macerata, Italy

- Game Board
- Rules
- 2 Dices
- 6 Players
- 150 cards
- 6 Arguments
- Classic Music
- Great Musicians
- Music Theory
- Modern Music
- Music Instruments
- Anecdotes and Curiosities

- Summary of Music Theory
- For children and adults
- Condensed topic
- Currently developing a smartphone app-site

- Cubase and other music score writers
- Several app for Smartphone & Tablet
- Online Music Platforms
- Currently developing an online Music Theory Course

- The Crazy Alarm, Musical Fairytale for the Primary Schools
- Lady Rapòt & Lord Strascè, Music tale for the Primary Schools
- Missa in A Minor, Choir in 2 voices
- Missa in G Minor, Choir in 2 voices
- Choral Music in 2, 3, 4, 5 voices
- Songs and Melodies, for Voice Solo and Choir in 1, 2, 3, 4 voices
- My First 10 Excercises, Piano Book for Beginners,
- Tunes & Melodies, Piano Book for Beginners
- We Construct Our Instruments, Pedagogical Music Book